Worth buying headphones

Apple updated the AirPods Bluetooth headset, and the updated AirPods after more than two years have not received a big upgrade from everyone’s expectations. The function or performance upgrade that can be seen from the bright side is replaced by H1 chip, voice-activated Siri, Support wireless charging, longer call life. However, it is still sought after, and the delivery time of the wireless charging box version has been extended to 7-10 working days.

When you think about it and the iPhone 7 when it was released, everyone ridiculed, followed by the scene of the incense that lasted for more than two years, of course, it is continuing. The first generation of AirPods sold about 35 million units from the launch to the present, accounting for 85% of the global split-type Bluetooth headset sales. The new AirPods will definitely not be the best off-the-shelf Bluetooth headset.

If you are an iPhone user and are being plagued by wired headsets, AirPods is really worth buying. And how do Android users buy it? In fact, Android users can also choose AirPods, although the experience is not used in the Apple ecosystem.

Or you think it is more expensive, feel that the sound quality and sound insulation of AirPods can’t meet your requirements, you can also look at other brands of Bluetooth headsets that support Bluetooth 5.0. Of course, Apple users with lower budgets can also take a look.

Why do you have to support Bluetooth 5.0?

Students who have used Bluetooth 4.2 split Bluetooth headsets should have been tortured by the bad experience of being chased and playing games. Even if they listen to songs, sometimes the music will be interrupted because of the interference.

And Bluetooth 5.0 has nearly twice the bandwidth of Bluetooth 4.2, which means it’s faster, and with other performance improvements, the Bluetooth headset with Bluetooth 5.0 will get a lot of delays. Relief. There is also an increase in transmit power that also makes it more stable when working in public areas where signals are complex.

In addition to the basic support for Bluetooth 5.0, you can pay attention to these when choosing a split Bluetooth headset:

Try to choose the Bluetooth headset with the same brand of your mobile phone, better fit and more complete.

Qualcomm QCC3026 and Raychem RTL8763 are two common chips in the split Bluetooth headsets. These two chips are specially designed for this type of headphones, and the performance is better. As far as the current products are concerned, the performance of the headphones equipped with these two chips is basically guaranteed.

The more audio decoding technologies such as Apt-x and AAC, the better. As long as your mobile phone supports one of the decoding technologies, you can get better sound quality.

It is best to choose a headset with an automatic connection. It’s really convenient to connect the headphones every time without having to switch the ears.


4 cost-effective choices


This is a more versatile chip, the chip itself can provide a variety of features, and compatibility is better.

Support IPX4 waterproof, support AAC audio protocol, the music played by Apple mobile phone is AAC format, so use it to listen to songs, the sound quality is better.

Everyone has a good evaluation of its sound quality. Support the necessary touch control, which can be learned quickly without being cumbersome. The headset has a battery life of 5 hours and extends the battery life to 17 hours.

02 Sabbat E12

This is a version with a wireless charging box, and it is available in a version without a charging box, which is cheaper. The color scheme is especially cool, with gold, gray, purple, red, gray, and brown. At the same time, it is recommended to look at other Bluetooth Bluetooth headsets that support Bluetooth 5.0. The color matching is very diverse, and the girl powder is also available.

The chip of this earphone is certified by Japan Hi-Res, so don’t worry about the sound quality. At the same time, 4 microphones are supported for noise reduction and the call is clearer.

The battery life is 6 hours and the battery life is extended to 24 hours.


The rambler uses the QCC3026 Bluetooth chip designed by Qualcomm for the split-type Bluetooth headset. It supports Apt-x audio decoding, which makes the connection stable, and the bio-diaphragm is not bad. Also supports IPX5 waterproof, basic touch operation.

The headset can get 8 hours of battery life, and the charging box can give an extra 24 hours of battery life.

This headset has feedback that some mobile phone brands have obvious noise floor characteristics. Students who are interested in this headset can see more feedback from everyone.

04 Anker Liberty Air

Anke not only does the data cable, charging treasure but also introduced this split-type Bluetooth headset, designed to be very small and fresh.

It uses the Raychem RTL8763 Bluetooth chip, supports IPX5 waterproof, a headset lifetime of 5 hours, and the battery life of the charging box is extended to 20 hours.

The surface of the earphone is flat, which is relatively more accurate when it is touched.


3 good sound quality choices

01 McGee EAR ONE

A Bluetooth headset with battery life, the headset lasts for 8 hours, and the battery life is extended to 40 hours. It supports fast charging and can be used for 2 hours after charging for 15 minutes.

Using Qualcomm’s QCC3026 Bluetooth chip, 6mm moving-ring graphene diaphragm, the sound quality is guaranteed. The lid part of the box is leather and looks more textured.

02 Jabra Elite 65t

The price of the Jabra is similar to AirPods, but the design of the ear makes it sound better. Support 4 microphone noise reduction technology to make the call quality better.

Supports IPX55 level waterproof and dustproof, and a side listening function that allows you to hear the surrounding environment without removing the headphones.

The headset supports a 5-hour battery life and is extended to 15 hours with the charging box.

03 Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless

The split-type Bluetooth headset produced by Sennheiser is, of course, the sound quality. It uses the QCC3026 Bluetooth chip designed by Qualcomm for the split-type Bluetooth headset. It supports audio decoding such as AAC and Apt-x. If you use the mobile phone, Just supporting these decoding techniques will give you better sound quality.

The battery life is 4 hours and an additional 8 hours of battery life with the charging box. The touch operation is more comprehensive, and it can also be done by adjusting the volume function on the split type Bluetooth headset.

However, this headset has a slot, the headset includes the box, and it needs to be recharged after 2 days of use.


There are several models in the above-mentioned headsets that support 7 days for no reason to return. It is the kind that can be returned when unpacking. If you pay attention to it, you can experience the experience first, and you can return it if you are not satisfied.

Apple 2 years ago After the release of AirPods, the most common thing about everyone is that this thing is easy to lose? After all, the presence of this earphone on the ear is too weak, so the brain-heavy humans have come up with this madness:

The iPhone has activated the mobile phone case and film industry, so AirPods has also activated anti-lost accessories and protective covers.


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