5 world headphones brands


Founded 67 years ago, ONKYO was originally founded as a sound product. It is one of the top ten AV amplifier brands in Japan and one of the world’s leading brands in the audio and video field.

In June 2013, Onkyo’s ES-FC300 headset won the “Best Comprehensive Performance Award” in the “2013 Headphones Blind PK Group Fighting Campaign” held in Shanghai with its excellent sound quality and exquisite appearance. In the same year, at the Japanese Authoritative Video Awards, another new headphone ES-HF300 from Onkyo was also selected as the gold medal for the “1-2 million yen price headphones”. With the award of the headset brand, Onkyo has also begun to gain a reputation in the field of headphones.


KEF was founded in 1961 by Raymond Cooke, former head of engineering and technology at BBC Broadcasting in the UK, and his partners. For half a century, KEF’s products have been highly regarded by enthusiasts and music lovers around the world for their return to true sound quality and minimalist appearance. KEF combines its many technical essences and unique advanced industrial designs in Hi-Fi speakers, headphones, digital audio and other fields, all with excellent performance.

The KEF earphone pays great attention to the design of the detailed unit, which makes the music-optimized in terms of clarity, dynamics, low frequency, and weight performance. It is clean and powerful and strong in rhythm.


One of Japan’s earphone manufacturers is STAX. This brand may be unfamiliar to ordinary consumers, but it will be very familiar as a headset enthusiast. STAX is the only manufacturer in the world specializing in the production of electrostatic headphones.

The electrostatic earphone is a high-tech earphone that has a natural advantage over the traditional dynamic earphone. It can be faithfully replayed, whether it is a very small level of strength change or a large dynamic sound, making it slim and rich. The expressive and colorful musical expression becomes a reality. STAX’s electrostatic headphones define the highest standards for sound reproduction with clever design and bold application of new materials. In 2012, STAX was acquired by the Rambler and continued its legend with a new identity.


Founded in 1964 by Dr. Amar G. Bose, a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, BOSE is one of the world’s first speaker manufacturers and an innovator of the industry’s “original reproduction technology.”

The biggest advantage of BOSE headphones is that they have TRIPORT’s acoustic structure design and unique equalization technology. The sound curve is adjusted to match the characteristics of BOSE headphones as perfectly as possible, which will bring the song to the fullest and the expression of the instrument is very strong.


Founded in 2008, Beats was founded by Dr.Dre, a legendary entertainer and producer, and Ai Wenwen, chairman of the record company Interscope Geffen A&MRecords, whose products include BeatsbyDr.Dre headphones and speakers, and patented BeatsAudio software technology. And streaming music subscription service BeatsMusic and more.

Unlike other headphone brands, Beats is trending, fashioning, and working with artists to create special styles. The fashion-conscious goddess Lady Gaga, the popular star Justin Bieber, and the famous basketball stars Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, G-Dragon, and other big-name superstars are the spokespersons and “designers” of the brand. I have attracted a lot of fans for Beats headphones.

Conclusion: In order to achieve excellent music effects, good equipment is naturally indispensable. Headphones, as a transmission channel for sound media, can directly affect the sound effects that reach our ears. An excellent earphone, with its superb technology and the high-quality unit, can restore the most flexible and comfortable sound, bringing us music enjoyment.

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